Episode 8

To be released on the 30th March 2017, Episode 8 in the continuing saga of Donna & Mark is the follow on from Skedaeddle first single. Available on digital distribution and streaming services near you real soon.

Final friend review

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Thanks to everyone at www.muzic.net.nz for having a listen to Final friend.

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02 Mar 2017 // A review by Made2Fade
Skedaeddle a Folk/Pop trio from Napier with band members Barry Holt, Glen Kilmister and Pete Bagley, and they have released their debut single Final Friend.This is a simply put together and beautifully arranged song, with hints of The Beatles and Cat Stevens. Barry’s gentle voice (which is reminisce of Sir Paul McCartney) guides you on a journey of friendships, past and present.With a very catchy melody, you might catch yourself singing “Hello, are you back again? How long, my final friend?”

I look forward to hearing more from Skedaeddle in the future.

They also have a video for this song on their website http://www.skedaeddle.com/.