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Terry’s Songwriter Show


Thanks again to Terry Shore who hosts a long-standing (15 years) local singer/songwriter show at Wellington Access Radio. Terry invited me onto the show after an open mic night at The Welsh Dragon. You can hear a recording here. It consists of 4 recorded tracks and two live numbers recorded during the interview.

Terry’s Songwriter Show airs each Saturday at 2.30pm, with a different local singer/songwriter each week. Each programme is available for download as a podcast.

Vox fm 106.9

Vox fm 106.9

The Voice of the Illawarra

Thanks to the music director and library coordinator at Vox Fm in the Illawarra district of New South Wales in Australia. A community network station that serves a diverse range of ethnicity and covers an equally diverse range of music. Everything from rock, blues, metal, jazz, country, you name it. The list, just like the beat, goes on and on. (ooh)

Etudes Old & New

And now the good people of the Illawarra could possibly be listening to three tracks of mine. Etude in E minor, Prayer and Rasquedo are all tracks taken from my first album release called Etudes Old & New.

Consisting of both original and existing studies for the Classsical Guitar, the tracks will be added to the station library.

Thanks to everyone at the station. More details about them here.

Drummer – Percussionist – Wellington

Skedæddle are presently looking for a drummer – percussionist to join us. Check out the tracks here on the website. We play original acoustic folk, pop, Indie stuff that covers several genres and styles.

Members: Barry Holt – vocals/12 string guitar.

Dean Zillwood – acoustic guitar and Chris Coad – bass guitar.

We are a mature bunch and are looking for a mature, experienced Drummer/Percussionist who is comfortable and competent playing across several styles.

If you interested message me email from the website.



Live Podcast.

Terry’s Songwriters Show won Best Music Programme in the Access/Ethnic Radio category at the New Zealand Radio Awards 2007. It’s a weekly programme hosted by Terry Shore – who is a singer/song-writer himself. Every week Terry showcases local singer/song-writers who play in open mic nights around Wellington. Terry invites various singer/song-writers on to his show to showcase their original musical talent. It is a show designed for unknowns who have yet to be discovered.

And this week, it was Skedæddle. Listen in or download here:

Terry’s Songwriters Show.

Big thanks to Terry Shore today. Just had my first radio interview on Wellington Access Radio. Apparently he’s been doing it for a while now. Our paths crossed at an open mic night at the Welsh Dragon Bar. A singer songwriter himself, Terry has a very unique and original style to his music. If you get a chance, check him out at Bandcamp. The programme, which features recordings and live tracks will be aired on Saturday 24th of March 2018.