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Live Podcast.

Terry’s Songwriters Show won Best Music Programme in the Access/Ethnic Radio category at the New Zealand Radio Awards 2007. It’s a weekly programme hosted by Terry Shore – who is a singer/song-writer himself. Every week Terry showcases local singer/song-writers who play in open mic nights around Wellington. Terry invites various singer/song-writers on to his show to showcase their original musical talent. It is a show designed for unknowns who have yet to be discovered.

And this week, it was Skedæddle. Listen in or download here:

Skedaeddle – Napier

My gratitude goes out to Glenn Kilmister and Pete Bigley for helping me out with Skedæddle while i was in Napier. Glenn has since formed his own band called Rope Tin, whom I had the pleasure of playing bass guitar with for a while. Pete Bigley, who’s mercurial rhythms on congas and occasional drums captivated all-comers, was last seen hanging around an old Fender Princeton. Bit of a dark horse is our Pete.

Skedaeddle @ The Cabana