Instrument: Electric guitar

Music performed on amplified electric guitars or a combination of instruments.


Instrument: Electric guitars, bass drum and synth.
Description: Dangling like the sword of Damocles. Pendulus is a series of  interlocking guitar riffs, ebbing to and fro through time. Drums and synthesizers add to the tension and increase the sense of imminent and unseen danger.


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Just deserts


Instrument: Jazz guitar, double bass, saxophone, flute, harpsichord and drum.
Description: Track begins with double bass and syncopated jazz guitar riff which slowly builds before breaking into a new section with the introduction of the harpsichord. Originally composed for a TV cookery show.

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Eastern west


Instrument: Electric guitar, percussion, Indian harmonium.

Description: Simple, lyrical theme on the electric guitar is accompanied by the harmonium and percussion to create a gentle free flowing soundtrack. Contrasting A and B sections incorporate elements from both Eastern and Western music traditions.


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