Secret Postie’s Ball.

One more cup of coffee before I go, to the valley below. Well not quite, probably not coffee either, but one last jam with Rope Tin at the Secret Postie’s Ball this weekend. It’s been my pleasure brothers. Rock on wid ya bad selves.

Roped in.

Not much going on for Skedæddle at the moment, have been enjoying playing bass guitar for local Napier band Rope Tin. Featuring Glen Kilmister, (guitar and vocals) Gary Jackson (drums) and Pete Hamilton (keyboard) and when available Matt Baker (guitar) Rope Tin is an originals band with all the music written by Glen Kilmister. Post punk sensibilities and lyrics that cover a range of topics from American politics to classic film characters.  Original and entertaining.

You can catch Rope Tin this Thursday 26th of October 2017 @ The Cabana along with other local acts such as The Reprobates, Groove Foundation, Ivan Saywer and more playing for the Operation Hamburg event. For more details, visit the Cabana Website.



Final friend EP

EP, Final friend finally finished. Big thanks to everyone at BayFM here in Hawkes Bay for giving it some airtime.